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Q+A with of Paul Hill of West Coast Wax / 6 Foot and Clean.

West Coast Wax / 6 Foot and Clean

This week has been a super productive week for the Freesoul Project. I've made some links with some great people doing great things on the surf scene in Wales. So to end the week in style, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Paul Hill. I've been following one of Paul's companies 6 Foot and Clean on social media for a good while and been thinking I must get in touch and see if they would interested in featuring on the site.

Then on Wednesday I got a message from Paul saying he liked the site and would love to be on board. I'm super stoked to have Paul's companies on here as I think 6 Foot and Clean especially is forward thinking, good for the environment and really captures the true spirit of surfing before commercialism and is especially good for those like myself who indulge in the van life movement.

So in short, West Coast Wax is a surf / skate wax company which only uses 100% natural ingredients and recyclable packaging and Six Foot and Clean is a toiletries company which again only uses natural ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging. 6 Foot and Clean's solid soap bar style products are produced and packaged to look similar to surf wax and they use some really appetising, fresh and completely natural products to make their range of solid soaps, shampoo / conditioners as well as shaving products for the gents. Paul has several more product ideas for 6 foot and clean in the pipeline (excuse the pun) and the future is looking bright for this awesome Pembrokeshire based company

Here to tell us all about West Coast Wax / 6 Foot and Clean is Paul Hill:

Hi Paul, I was so stoked when you got in touch. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and have been meaning to contact you. So you have two companies which share the same ethos. Six Foot and Clean and West Coast Wax. Can you tell me about the history of these companies, your background, and how did you get started?

West Coast Wax, 100% natural ingredients.

Stoked to be able to tell my story, I started surfing late in life and it totally changed my whole outlook to everything, I guess as soon as you become a surfer, you become more in tune with the planet and our ocean environment. So, that was always at the back of my mind. I decided I wanted to become part of the surf industry and lacking the skills to build boards, I thought I could make some wax, easier said than done.

We started back in 2007, when we produced our first wax, Hills Organic Surf Wax. We had a lot of positive response and sold throughout the UK and Europe. The only problem with this was the cost, it just got too expensive to produce hand made organic surf wax, so we decided on the next best affordable wax, we became West Coast Surf Wax and we’ve slowly been growing year on year, selling through our website and supplying shops and we even supply other wax companies with their own bespoke wax.

Six Foot and Clean started by accident. Someone I knew had an idea, two foot and clean and was thinking about it, so I said if your not going to do anything with it, can I pursue the idea and after an exploded shampoo bottle in my holiday luggage, we had that eureka moment, a solid shampoo bar. We began after a steep learning curve, and a new found love for chemistry but have since gone from strength to strength.

So you use 100% natural ingredients in all your products, with no plastic packaging at all. That is really impressive, was this your ethos from the very start or did you develop the process over time?

Our ethos was always to use 100% natural ingredients which we have done from the beginning. Our packaging evolved as we grew from vinyl labels to paper labels and today all our products are no waste and everything can be used, reused or recycled.

Sunset Surf Soap Bar, a blend of Lemon Grass and Patchouli Oil.
Wipe Out, Solid Conditioning Bar. Made with natural Mandarin essential oils.

You mention on your website about 6 foot and clean evolving from surfing, lifestyle, travelling and van life. I’ve been living out of my van for almost 3 years now. Although I’ve always had a creative streak until I started living the van life I never really quite new what to do with it. In the past year especially I feel living this way has really has put me on a new path of ideas and creativity. Was / is van life a big part of the concept of your companies?

To me van life was always part of surfing. Since I started surfing I was always of on road trips around the UK and Europe when ever the opportunity arose, so a lot of practical ideas came out of these expeditions. As you know to spend anytime in such a small space you need to be creative.

I have featured your fellow Pembrokeshire folks, Offshore, Lloyd the Graffiti and Get the Boys a Lift on the site. Pembrokeshire seems to be thriving with creatives at the moment, I absolutely love Pembrokeshire. Would you say that living in Pembs has helped you focus in on your businesses and the ethos behind them?

Living in Pembrokeshire has been a major factor in focusing on the business. We don’t have the distactions of major towns and cities, especially during the winter months, this is the time where there is plenty of time to work on new ideas and projects. Pembrokeshire is such a creative hub, especially companies based around the coast and coastal activities.

Bars for days...

Beach Break, Soap and Shampoo Bar.

You have a really good range of products with 6 foot and clean already, what are your plans for the future? Are you constantly trying to develop new products?

With Six Foot and Clean we are developing and testing new products. Our next new products will be an aftreshave balm to go with our traditional shaving products. As with all our products, they are all 100% natural, no chemicals and are suitable for both males and females. We are also almost ready to launch our natural deoderant creams, these are an alternative to chemical laden deodorants and will be available in the same flavours as our solid soap bars.

Finally, I ask this question to all business owners and entrepreneurs on the site. You have setup your own business based on a really solid ethos of reducing plastic waste and using natural ingredients this is obviously something you are extremely passionate about. What advice would you give to other people who have a business idea or dream they would like to pursue?

My advice to anyone wanting to start out or has an idea, act on it, be prepared to fail and don’t be afraid of failing because only by failing do we learn and are able to move on.

Paul, thanks so much for getting touch. I really can't wait to try out your products and I'm sure anyone who sees this will feel the same. If you like the look of West Coast Wax / Six Foot and Clean then use the links below to get in touch using the links below:

West Coast Surf Wax Website

Six Foot and Clean Website



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