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I've always been interested in photography but didn't have the first clue of where to begin with a 'proper' camera. Two years ago I took the plunge and bought a Sony A6000 camera and have since been building up a collection of lenses and learning about photography. On this page are some of my favourite images from the countryside, coast and urban settings. I'm very much an amateur but on the odd occasion I've got lucky and taken a few good ones. All images are available in high quality on request. I don't usually edit my images, they are cropped and resized but I typically keep them straight out of the camera. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any of the images for creative or personal use.


A collection of images taken out and about in the countryside. I do a lot of travelling around both with work and in my free time. In parts of my childhood I grew up in the countryside but never really appreciated its beauty until I got older.

Over the past two years I've travelled and worked in some stunning places around the UK and will always have my camera on hand to capture these moments. This gallery contains a mixture of images from glorious sunrise and sunsets to leaves, trees and woodlands to open waters. I work a lot of nightshifts at the moment so during late spring, autumn and summer I will often be treated to both the sunrise in the morning and it setting during the evening.

Although I love it out on the coast, you can't beat a good adventure in the countryside, visiting new places and exploring. Beauty is all around us, sometimes you've just got to open your eyes and go and find it.


Definitely my favourite place to be. When I'm working away I'm usually landlocked, which can be incredibly frustrating. There have been many long nights away wishing I was near the sea or planning when and how I can be there next. I've been lucky to work in some areas near to the coast over the past two years, in particular Worthing in West Sussex.

When I was working there I was very close to the sea as well as working out in the hills of the South Downs. This was the time when I'd just got my camera and was learning how to use it properly. I was spoiled with many amazing sunrises after my night shifts at Worthing beach and then again at sunset in the evening looking out over the South Downs towards Worthing and Brighton. A lovely part of the world.

This gallery also has images of some of my coastal advertures back home in Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire. When I'm not away working I spend most of my time in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. On a good day its hard to find a more beautiful county, it really has it all.


This is a random selection of images taken in various locations which I can only categorize as 'urban'. From pylons at sundown to railway tracks in Spain. I often take random photos, sometimes it works but quite often it doesn't.

This gallery also shows a more experimental side of my photography. I had been playing around with light painting and long exposure shots quite a bit last summer and got a few good results. I often work on large building sites with insane scaffolding structures, which in different light can look strangely captivating.

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes this type of photography works, alot of the times it doesn't. I have hundreds of images on my computer of rubbish photos but every now and then you get a nice one, it's a small win, but a win's a win!

The Freesoul Project 2019 - Made in Wales