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Here's a collection of images from some of my surf trips around Europe. I first started travelling to Europe to surf in the early 2000's. Naturally drawn to France after seeing pictures and videos of the world class beach breaks. After my first trip I was hooked and being a teacher for many years it worked out well for me to make this my annual summer holiday pilgrimage each year in VW's gone by.

Most of the images were taken with a point and shoot camera so vary in quality. I'm looking forward to getting some good shots on my upcoming trip at the end of May.

Surf wise France really does have it all, from the heavy, shallow reefs in the North to the world renowned beach breaks in the south. France holds the WCT World Surfing Championships every October in Hossegor and the beach breaks are a barrel hunters dream. Heavy, hollow, board snapping waves from Lacanau all the way to Biarritz.

Just a quick hop over the border and you are in the North of Spain. Again, a surfers playground with beach breaks, reefs and world class point breaks all the way to Portugal. Europe really does have it all for surfers and as you cross into each country it has it's own unique vibe and culture which make each place so special.

In my first two VW vans I drove the length of France countless times each summer and spent alot of time in the north of Spain, driving as far up as Galicia at the tip and even as far as Portugal. To do this sort of trip you need a decent amount of time because the waves can be so good in France that you don't want to go anywhere else!. It's the classic, european, surf roadtrip and it never disappoints.

These images are of some of the waves back home in the Wales and England. On it's day we can have some excellent waves in the Wales and England. I am still yet to visit both Scotland and Ireland where it is well known that both countries have several world class waves. Over the next few years I hope to make those trips happen in the van.

There are also some images of my daughters Madeline and Martha. I have been slowly teaching them to surf, Madeline has been surfing since she was 6 and can stand up and ride the waves all the way to the shore and now has her own shorter, fish style board.

Martha is 6, and last summer she really got into it and rode a few in lying down. I'm hoping this summer Martha will stand up and truly catch the surfing bug. The girls would play in the sea all day and night if I let them and we always go on advetures close to the sea where they can surf, swim and snorkel. We even had a go at coasteering last summer in Pembrokeshire. If there is one special gift that I can give to the girls I truly believe it is surfing, it really changed my life and the way I view the world through experiences and travel. I hope that they can do the same and live their lives to the full.

The Freesoul Project 2019 - Made in Wales