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The Freesoul Project is a collection of experiences, stories and images from the past few years living and working around the UK, embracing all the ups and downs of #vanlife. Based in Wales, UK. The Freesoul Project aims to document my travels and adventures all over the land in my campervan.

The aim of the site is to give people an insight into alternative ways of living, as well as making links with people and businesses who are doing good things in the Wales. My goal is to give local, independent businesses and the good guys of the world more exposure. As well as showcasing some of the great things that are going on in the surf, mtb, run, photography, art and creative scenes in Wales.

The Freesoul Project was born during a very bad time in my life and has been built as a positive way to deal with my past and put my future into perspective. You can read more about the background of the Freesoul Project here:

The Freesoul Project Background

picture of Dan's campervan under the stars.
Van life, Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire.

Happy New Year:

Howdy everybody, and happy new year to you all! My apologies for the lack of updates since the end of October. After my half marathon fail I was feeling a bit pissed off in general. This zapped my motivation for most things and took me a few weeks to recover and get my shit together again.

Like a pair of curtains, I pulled myself together and got cracking with a new project. In November I got to work on a new photography website. I'm very much an amateur photographer but very much like my surfing, every now and then I've caught a couple of good ones.

The main idea of this project was to continue learning more about web development and creating my first 'retail' site. Creating this site was a huge lesson in working with images, sizing, resolutions, loading times, paypal payments and whole new world of things that I didn't have a clue about.

The Virual Welsh Coast Paddle

Wildly underestimating the job in hand, I finished the site at the end of December. You can check out the site here:Freesoul Photographyany profits I make will be split between my friends atKarma SeasandMark Jones - The Virtual Welsh Coast Surf Paddle Pageto support Llantwit Major surfer Mark Jones.

Mark is currently battling with Myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer and has recently completed a virtual paddle challenge to raise money for Myeloma UK. Mark will be joining me at the end of the month to tell us about his battle, and the awe inspiring virtual paddle challenge he has achieved since his last treatment. Mark has also published a book all about the challenge which he is selling to raise money for this great charity. You can contact Mark via Facebook using this link:Mark Jones on Facebookto purchase your copy and get involved.

It has been great to see the Welsh surfing community coming together to support Mark and hopefully we can continue to raise a bit more money for Myeloma UK.

Donate to Myeloma UK

Loft Extension:

In November, I finally decided to bite the bullet and have a pop top roof fitted to my van and after over a year of weighing up the pros and cons (cost) as well as researching reputable companiesSkyline Roofsalways seemed to come out on top.

British made, fully TUV certified, a 5 year warranty and excellent customer service. I spoke to Dean atPlatinum Skyline Walesin Swansea who gave me all the information I needed. I explained that I was time restricted because I work away and I agreed to drop the van off on a Wednesday morning to be picked up on the following Monday.

The guys were great at Platinum and put me straight at ease in the fact that they were about to cut a huge hole in my roof by showing me a few of the vans they had already done that week. That morning I left the garage extremely excited for my new loft extension.

On Friday evening, out of the blue and completely unexpected I had a message from Dean saying my van would be ready to pick up the next day (Saturday). He said they knew I needed the van back as quickly as possible so the fitters put in some overtime in to get it finished.

I was completly over the moon because this would mean I could take my girls away that night for a trip to Pembrokeshire before I went back to work the following week. I hadn't told the girls about the roof either so it was a great suprise. I have to say that Platinum were excellent to deal with all the way through and I can't fault them in anyway, so if you decide to get a pop top fitted I'd highly recommend them. Roll on summer!!

Oh shit!


Job done, happy days..

The Carve CBD Oil Podcast

Moving on, I wanted to mention a couple of my previous guests, firstly Si Page fromCarve CBDhas started up theCarve CBD Oil Podcastwhich has so far featured Welsh surfing legend Chris 'Guts' Griffiths and the up and coming super - ripper, Patrick Langdon Dark. Si has a few more exciting guests in the pipeline (excuse the pun) and I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

And just when you thoughtSix Foot and Clean'sproducts couldn't get any better. Paul and his team have added a few new bits to the product range including a new deoderant cream alongside a super handy storage tin for their soap bars. Looking forward to trying these out soon.

Six Foot and Clean Soap Bar Tin

Six foot and Clean Deoderant

Latest News:

Matt Pritchard

To start 2020 off in style, I caught up with my mucker Matt Pritchard (Dirty Vegan, Dirty Sanchez, SWYD (Sleep When Your Dead). I've known Matt since the early 00's when Dirty Sanchez was at it's peak and over the past few years Matt has literally gone from wildman to a legit endurance athlete, businessman, Dirty Vegan and much more.

I caught up with Matt to discuss the recent Dirty Sanchez reunion gigs, his business interests, unbelievable endurance challenges and of course veganism.

Tanoshimi Yoga

I also spoke to my mate Dave Colley from Porthcawl. I've known Dave through the surfing grapevine since way back in the good old days of the BBC Wales Surfing message board (if you know then you know). Dave is a top notch guy and over the past few years has been slowly but surely learning, practising and more recently teaching Yoga and Reiki.

Dave has been teaching classes in and around Porthcawl over the past year, building up his teaching hours to become a fully qualified Yoga practicioner and has recently developed a brand identity Tanoshimi Yoga with weekly classes in Porthcawl and a newTanoshimi TVYoutube Channel.

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Matt Pritchard

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Dave Colley

Previous News:
Debbie Robins - Bodysolve

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Debbie Robins - Bodysolve
Lee "Beef" Bennett

Card image

Lee "Beef" Bennett


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