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UMUK Ultraman Triathlon - Day 1 - 90 mile Cycle

In a quick change that Clarke Kent would've been proud of, Trig soon had his PE kit on and was ready to set off on the first stage of the cycle. The route would take us from Lake Bala all the way back around the lake heading towards Caernarfon onto Llanberis and eventually back to Bettws y Coed. The weather had taking a turn for the better once again. The sun was shining and team Trig were rocking.

Matt, Lemmy P and myself headed off ahead of Trig to get a view of the course and make sure we knew where to send him when he'd caught up with us. In the first stage of the course there were a few tight turns needed to be made in sucession before we were back out in the amazing North Wales countryside.

It has to be said that being in a support crew driving around has got to be one of the best ways to see this area. As we traversed our way through the long, winding roads and sprawling hills it was impossible not to be completely blown away by its beauty. Having to stop every so often to make sure Trig was good gave us time to really breathe it in and get some good photos.

Having developed a healthy lead from the swim Adam was looking great on the bike.

Beautiful, beautiful Wales.

Capel Celyn

In the next stage of the cycle we pulled up next to what looked to be a huge reservoir. I was about to recieve a suprise welsh history lesson from Professor Mathew Pritchard. Looking out ahead at the beautiful view, out of nowhere Matt starts reeling off some seriously impressive knowledge about this place. This stunning view was Capel Celyn, a small village and community just to the north of Lake Bala which was flooded in 1965 to create a reservoir which would supply water to Liverpool and The Wirral.

Further research told me Capel meaning 'chapel' in Welsh and Celyn meaning 'holly' was also one of the last Welsh-only speaking communities Wales.

The people who lived in the village fought agaisnt authorities for 8 years to try and save their community before a bill was passed by governments 1962. This ultimately lead to them losing their homes and an important piece of welsh history and heritage along with it.

Suddenly the view didn't seem as beautiful as the moment when we first arrived, time to move on.

Capel Celyn - beautiful view, sad story..
Support crew killing it - Day 1 (Matt, Lemmy P and Dan.)

Firmly in the driving seat, Adam was making it look easy with a big smile on his face everytime we drove past him. Lemmy was snoozing on my lap as we continued to drive through the wild, Welsh countryside.

After a long, hard slog Adam had made it to Llanberis. We were greeted by exceptional views of the lake where I'd slept in my van just a few days earlier. Credit has to be given to the event organisers for planning such a stunning route.

The course from start to finish was a melting pot of visual bliss. Adam had cycled with strength and guille all the way through and was now making his way into the final third of the course. But just when it's easy to get caught up in all the beauty of of it, the brutality was back to smack you in the face again. As we made it through Llanberis, Trig would soon be faced with Pen y Pass. Pen y Pass is a very long and very steep hill which is used as an entrance to Mount Snowdon. This would be the final milestone of the course on day 1 and you will also hear more about my experience with Pen y Pass later on the day of the run..

Llanberis Lake

Trig at the top of Pen y Pass

At the finish line with Annie-mal.

Day 1 - Job Done!

As the first day came to a climax, Trig had put on an absolute Ultraman masterclass, finishing a good half and hour or so in front the next athlete Matt Dykes. The excellent swim had given him a healthy lead going into the first stage of the bike course and he just powered through it with ease.

The following day would be the second stage of the cycle. Another 172 mile ride around the beautiful hills of Snowdonia. This course would stretch right out to the coast towards Harlech and Tywyn and back towards Lake Bala, Trawsfynydd, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Llanberis back to Betwys y Coed.

Late afternoon our team was joined by Adam's coach Mark Whittle. Mark has represented Great Britain in Triathlon events all over the world is one of the most elite coaches in the UK. What he doesn't know about endurance events is probably not worth knowing. That evening we had a few beers and some food and were tucked up in bed for what would turn out be a rather an eventful second day.

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