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The Freesoul Project was born during quite frankly the worst part of my life so far. A series of personal issues left me broken and looking for a way out.

After a long period of depression I knew I needed to do something positive and creative. Seriously lacking in skills but big in ambition, I created the original Freesoul Project website in around two days using an online website builder. Unhappy with the result, it was time to get back to the lab and start again. A life-long lover of surfing and in more recent years running, photography and mountain biking The Freesoul Project was born.

Over the past two years, I have been using most of my spare time to learn about photography, video / editing, media design and more recently web development. Using these new skills I can say that every piece of this website is 100% my own.

Every picture, design, word and line of code has come from hours of mistakes, pure frustration combined with determination to learn and develop a new set of skills. My aim is to continue to learn and develop this site as well as start building a portfolio of websites and eventually make the move into web development as my full time career with a focus on accessibility.

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Although I'm not at all religious, I do have a humanistic approach to life. Through my own self-reflection and deep thought I've realised that experiences truly are the most important thing in life. Above all else, memories are the only thing we can take with us when we die. My aim is to enjoy my life as much as I can and share those experiences with the people who matter to me the most. Humanists also believe that only science can provide us with reliable knowledge about the universe and although science is hugely speculative it is based on knowledge and research as opposed to stories and fables.

Blessed to be born and raised in Wales, UK. Wales has it all for adventure minded people. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking mountain ranges, vast green countrysides, diverse wildlife and the full range of seasonal weather conditons to go with it. Welsh people are known to be friendly, passionate, good natured and with a great sense of humour. I can confirm that all of the above are true.

Having grown up surfing in Wales, I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world surfing trying to spread the great, welsh vibes all over the place, making friends for life and creating long lasting memories.

My future goals are to build a life where I can live and work remotely so that I can continue to travel and share my life experiences with my amazing, beautiful daughters Madeline and Martha.

I have been blessed to be the father of two such amazing, kind and caring little ladies Madeline and Martha Nicholas. When everything else had fallen down around me, the pure innocence and unconditional love of my children conquered all. I hope that by giving my daughters with as many life experiences as I can they can grow up to be kind, caring and responsible lady warriors.

I hope you enjoy the site and the sentiment behind it. We live in world where social media makes us constantly compare ourselves to others and that everyone we see on social media is 'living the dream'. This site was developed as a creative way to battle the demons of my past and put my future in perspective. I hope it inspires you to get out there and enjoy your lives, we are only lucky enough to get one.

Peace, love and respect. The Freesoul Project.

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