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Q+A with Si Page of Carve CBD

So today I spoke with Si Page, the man behindCarve CBD.There has been lots of hype around CBD oils over the past couple of years. My friend Matt Pritchard (Dirty Vegan, Dirty Sanchez, SWYD) who is an extreme, ultra endurance athlete has been using it, people I know in the MMA, BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) world have been using it. It seems natural that it would be used for all types of boardriders who historically suffer from all types of aches and pains in their shoulders and backs from excessive paddling, and fast, dynamic movements involved in board riding

This said, amongst all the hype and typical trends of what is cool at the time there will be those trying to make a quick buck by selling sub par products.

Si Page has based his business around using the highest quality ingredients, hand made, organically in Wales and with a strong backing from several legends, professionals and the surf community in general from all over the UK. There is no doubt that Carve CBD oil is the real deal.

Not knowing much about CBD myself apart from the mostly good things on the grapevine, it was great to speak to Si and learn all aboutCarve CBD. Get stuck in!

Chris 'Guts' Griffiths. Previously 5th in the world, twice european champ, multiple British and Welsh surfing champion. (Image by Mark de Boer Lloyd)

Hi Si, thanks very much for speaking to me. Can you tell us a bit about Carve CBD? How did you get started? What is your background? What is the history of Carve CBD?

Surfing has been a big part of my life since I was ten. My dad and older brother surfed (my bro still rips) so I followed them in. Holidays, weekends and what I did after school was all governed by surfing. Growing up, my mates surfed too and a few of us competed regularly. Surfing gave us a gateway to skating, snowboarding and more recently wakeboarding.

Like most boardriders, over time I got injuries. Adult life meant less time in the water, work stress and too little sleep. All this combined left me feeling a bit off and not surfing as I felt I should. I’m not a fan of chomping pills for ailments without researching natural alternatives first and that’s how I found CBD Oil. I was amazed how CBD interacts with our body in ways particularly interesting for us boardriders. Through trial and error I learnt there are crazy claims, sales jargon and frankly, dodgy CBD products around. That’s why I started Carve CBD Oil, to supply quality CBD directly to fellow boardriders. My focus is to offer the highest quality over quantity, non sensational product info and for any rider with questions on CBD to feel free to contact me at: orCarve CBD on Instagram

For those who don’t know much about CBD oil, can you give us a run down of what it is exactly?

Let’s keep it simple. CBD, short for cannabidiol, it’s a non psychoactive (so no high) compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant family. CBD Oil is a food supplement, consisting of oil with a stated amount of CBD in it. To be UK legal CBD Oil must have less than 0.2% THC, the compound that does get you high. For that reason, most CBD is extracted from hemp plants which naturally only have trace amounts of THC occurring in them, as opposed to marijuana which has lots of THC and little CBD.

A few tips. Only buy from sellers who can provide a lab report for their oil, so you know what’s in it! There are ‘home grown’ oils being made in random fields using poor extraction methods giving inaccurate CBD content (if any at all) or worse, illegal levels of THC. You should look for the wording “Full Spectrum” and “Supercritical CO2 extracted”. As well as being organic, we avoid added flavours too. CBD Oil should be clear (no bits) with an amber to gold colour. Follow those steps (all our oils do) and you should have oil which has been produced cleanly and includes other healthy compounds from the plant. This enables you to know how much CBD you are consuming.

I think this is an important point, with the inevitible 'hype' around CBD it's become very popular and people deserve to know that they are buying the best quality products.

Surfing and board sports in general are pretty heavy duty on the body. I’ve suffered and still do myself with back and shoulder injuries, for those like me and board riders in general, how is CBD oil beneficial?

Many athletes are turning to CBD for recovery and pain relief. I’ve dislocated my shoulders skating and surfing as well as experiencing the obligatory lower back pain! So, yes, we can benefit in that respect BUT it goes deeper for us. Boardsports are unique. They force us into challenging situations, at speed with REAL consequences.

Like taking a multi vit for general health, CBD directly supplements our central nervous system, mainly our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which fires when surfing, skating and so on. A healthy ECS brings homeostasis or balance to our body. I found CBD’s combined effects meant more of that ‘in the zone’, or ‘flow state’ feeling more often. For me, that meant more surfs when every turn has felt perfect and waves have found me. That flow has transferred to skating and snowboarding too. CBD has shown positive impacts on stress, anxiety and poor sleep. There are wider claims but I wouldn’t add to those, and encourage people to do some research if interested.

So, for those who are thinking about using CBD oil, what type of dose would you recommend as a starting point?

There is no agreed dosage for CBD because we are all different. Some people take a very small dose and others much more for the same effect. This is regardless of size, age, sex and to do with your ECS receptors. Dosage is personal in that through trying different doses you find yours. CBD isn’t a one size fits all pill. There are a couple of rules of thumb though: do not exceed 200mg in a 24hr period and start low and slow, working out your optimal dose over a few days/weeks. A ball park dosage may be 1-15mg a day is considered low, 15-40mg is medium and 40+mg is high. Personally I like to split my dose throughout the day, for example, half in the morning then the remainder early evening or 30mins before a surf, skate. There is no right or wrong, just what works for you. We have low to high strength oils and happy to chat people through them.

You’ve got quite a strong following so far from the UK surf scene with a few surf legends using the product. What are your plans for the company in the future?

I’m stoked with how things have launched and I’m getting great feedback. I’ve chatted to some really cool people from competitive local shredders and surfing mums and dads to Olympic hopefuls across our amazing sports, or lifestyles if you prefer. As for the future, I believe all boardriders can benefit from CBD so will champion that message and see where it leads!

Si, Many thanks for the chat. It's been very informative and I wish you the best with Carve CBD and no doubt it won't be long until I get my next order in.

Si has kindly offered this voucher code: thefreesoulproject which will give visitors to this site free postage on orders of Carve CBD oil. You can purchase Carve CBD using the links below:

Carve CBD Website


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