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Q+A with Dave Whitford of Make Your Own Luck (MYOL).

Keeping it moving this week, my friend Dave Whitford launched his new art / lifestyle / apparel companyMake Your Own Luck (MYOL)today! I used to work with Dave in Mocka Lounge in Cardiff, where I was the DJ and Dave a cocktail barman.

Dave moved back to his Cornwall roots and trained to become a shit hot barber and has slowly but surely over the past few years creating the concept of MYOL. Dave has got mad skills behind the bar and can cut a mean skin fade. Also an artist and graphic designer, his designs making up the MYOL collection.

I kept in touch with Dave over the years and we both went through some terrible life events at around the same time. Both being creatives, we have both watched and supported each other in our projects from the start so with today being the launch day for MYOL I feel like a proud dad, hahaha. It's great to see MYOL lift off, and I know how much hard work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into it. So here's Dave to tell us more about:Make Your Own Luck

Hi Dave, thanks for speaking to me. So MYOL, can you tell me about the brand and it’s ethos and how did you come up with the concept?

Make Your Own Luck came about after my disabled brother said that statement to me when I was in a bit of a lost point in my life a few years ago. Over time the brand has slightly changed, but the goal of changing peoples outlook on negative situations is one of my goals. I want people to relate, feel inspired and motivated through art based designs and know that anyone can overcome tough times and make positive moves, this has always stayed the same.

Without getting too personal, we’ve kept in touch ever since we used to work together a good few years back. We seemed to fall on hard times at around the same time. The Freesoul Project started out as a creative way for me to deal with the shit I was going through at the time and turn a negative into a positive. Was MYOL born out of the same sort of situation? Or was it something that you’d been planning for a while and then eventually just said fuck it, I’m going to do this!

A bit of both to be honest mate. I have always been a lover of art, but in the last 2 years I started to concentrate on drawing more and more and it was a great escape for me to deal with tough times aswell as the good times. It gave me solace and was a vessel to express certain emotions. I wanted to use my art as a message to show people they aren’t on their own and even the underdogs can live their dreams.

Last question, you’ve obviously spent a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears on this project. For others out there with an idea or a dream of setting something up whether it be a new project or small business, etc. What advice would you give?

I've failed and made mistakes more times than I can count, and I'm learning everyday. I’ve been lucky to have people around me whose strengths are my weaknesses, and without them the brand wouldn’t be able to live to its potential. The main lesson I learnt, is don’t try and be a master of everything. Use your skills to your advantage and ask for help with others who can ultimately help you grow. And never stop believing that its possible. It’s a tough road and not for everyone but if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything to set your mind to. Luckily I’m a stubborn person and it may take longer than expected but I wont give up once I set a goal.

Dave, well done to you sir. It's been a long road for you get to this today and I've got nothing but respect for you and the hard work you've put in to get this off the ground. I wish you all the success in the world brother. If you like the look of MYOL's fresh new garms then hit these links up:

Dave has kindly offered this voucher code: MYOLFSP10 which will give visitors to this site 10% off orders over £30. You can purchase some fresh garms using the links below:

Make Your Own Luck



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