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Q+A with George Morgan from Offshore Surf Wear.

This week I spoke with George Morgan. George is just 18, but has started his own surf wear brandOff Shore Surf Wearfrom scratch. Born and bred in Pembrokeshire, George is another great guy flying the flag for Pembrokeshire's thriving, creative scene at the moment. I really love the look of the brand and what George is trying to do so I asked him a few questions.

So, Offshore Surfwear how did you come up with the concept for the brand, what are your inspirations and how did it get started?

Well, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I wanted to make something myself and hopefully watch it grow. One night I thought screw it and got it started. So i decided on the word ‘offshore’ because who doesn’t love a bit of offshore wind? People get stoked when they hear it's offshore , so I decided on that as its super positive! So ‘offshore’ is based on the ocean, good times and good people. I guess for inspirations, the people behind Deus Ex Machina and Passenger. Such sick brands with good ethos.

You're not wrong there, every surfer wants to hear those words! So what is your brand' ethos? I’ve noticed you are using organic materials in some of your clothing. Is this the direction you are hoping to take the brand?

Yeah! So our tote bags are made with 100% organic cotton! Our newest embroidered tees are 100% cotton. With time on my side, I want to grow towards being able to use salvaged ocean material to create products. Pretty soon I will be stocking some reusable metal water bottles to help people reduce their plastic usage. So our brand ethos is avoid single use plastic where possible, which is why we have tote bags and the new bottles coming soon. We are aware of the state of the planet and believe everyone can do their bit in protecting the environment.

The brand has its roots in Pembrokeshire and the county really seems to be thriving with creative souls at the moment, long may it live. How has growing up in Pembrokeshire inspired the brand?

Absolutely, living in Pembrokeshire is to be surrounded by waves and lots of surfers. Lots of people travel here in their campervans to surf and live the van life so I get to meet a lot of people with different stories which definitely has inspired the brand. Having a bunch of friends in the surf scene has also helped the brand reach out to more people for sure.

Myself being one of them, I spend most of my spare time in Pembrokeshire living the van life! Finally, what are your future plans for the brand?

So I want to reach out to more people to promote not only the brand, but also to promote the usage of reusable, sustainable products. I want to get as many people as I can to come against single use plastic and use reusable products as much as possible. I think the more people that are aware of the situation the planet is in, the more progress we will see.

So yeah, that's Offshore Surf Wear!

George, thanks for speaking to me. I love the look of the brand and look forward to testing out some of your garms in the future. Best of luck with everything, the future is bright. If you like the look of Offshore Surf Wear hit them up on social media using the links below:



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