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Travel, travel, just travel...I came to the travelling game quite late in my life really. Apart from the typical family holidays during childhood I didn't really spread my wings much further until I got into my twenties. I fell back in love with surfing and of course surfing and travel are synonymous with each other. As my surfing confidence grew so did the need to travel and discover new waves, cultures and adventures.

Since then I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling, most often this is based around surfing in fact I'd say 99% of my travels have involved surfing. One of the first places I travelled to surf outside of the UK was South France and Northern Spain in the early 00's with my friends Lloyd and Ian. We flew to Biarritz, hired the cheapest car we could and made our way along the famous Aquitaine region of South France and over into Northern Spain.

Back then we were mainly surfing longboards and one thing I vividly remember is the huge dent we made in the roof of our tiny Fiat hire car with the weight of three longboards and a couple of short boards mounted on a soft roof rack. (sorry Mr car hire man!)

Looking back, this trip changed the game for both me and Lloyd. I think it was then that we realised we had just unlocked a whole new playground for us to discover and play in. Over the following years I bought my first VW van and France would be a regular getaway, driving down through Spain and over to Portugal. Myself and Lloyd did a total of three months in Indonesia, Lloyd hit South America too. Travelling changes you in so many different ways, you see the world in the eyes of others, embrace different religions, cultures and immerse yourself in new experiences.

I think it certainly helped me grow and be more accepting and tolerant of others and lead to a deep respect of the world and our environment.

As I've got older the inevitable responsibilities of being an adult set in, the travels have become less but perhaps more meaningful. After a travelling hiatus of over 4 years (apart from family holidays with my daughters) mostly due to some terrible life events. In summer this year, after reconnecting with my childhood friend Gemma Nicholl we found ourselves at similar stages in our lives and through our mutual love of travelling decided what we needed to get over recent trials and tribulations was a trip. We looked at anywhere and everywhere. There were no rules. After a couple of months of deliberation we decided to go back to the classic, drive through France in my campervan. On reflection even though I'd done this trip many, many times I could never think of a time when I didn't love France and Northern Spain. I was itching to go back, Gemma had never been to France so it was a done deal.

So, to get this travel page rolling here isFrance 2019I hope you enjoy!

The Freesoul Project 2019 - Made in Wales